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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi R. Paschal,

You can limit the number of attempts to a question within Quizmaker '09, but not the ability for the user to go back and see the questions again. If you'd like to limit the number of attempts, you'll go to the "Quiz Properties" and under "Question Defaults" you'll be able to limit the attempts to 1. Using the below features will allow the user to go back and see the questions and how they answered, but not re-answer the questions. 

Hope that's what you're looking for, and if you need anything else let us know!

R. Paschal

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your prompt reply.I knew the feature "Attempt permitted"  you have mentioned. I have already limited to 1, but it did not work the way I expected. Since I was not sure this feature is for a question or a quiz content, I did the followings:   

1) Within quiz content, I answered some questions and skipped answering a few questions. Before exiting the quiz content, I went back to the previous questions to re-answer. Then I  was able to re-answer the questions. All the new answers were reflected on the reports.

2) After exiting content, I tried to access the same quiz content and I was still able to do the quiz again.

You said that using the below features will allow the user to go back and see the questions and how they answered, but not re-answer the questions.  As described in both 1 and 2, I can still re-answer the questions and can re-try the quiz. As far as I see, this feature is not working as you explained.

Will you please give me advice if I misunderstood this feature.If this feature "not re-answer the questions"  works, it will satisfy our need. 

Thank you again.  

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi R. Paschal,

Thanks for the additional information that those options did not work for you. Please let us know if the additional piece of information from Minh-Triet is helpful either - since you didn't mention Presenter in your previous post, I didn't want to assume that's how you were using your quiz. 

Additionally, if you'd like to share your Quizmaker file here or submit it as a Support case, we can look at any other settings that may be interfering with your number of attempts.If you submit a Support case, just let me know the case # so I can follow along.