Only some answers displaying in quiz

I have a quiz that for some people is only showing them some of the questions.  I have checked the randomization and it is set to pull all questions, so I am at a loss to know why it is stopping and marking complete without them seeing all questions.  It's not stopping on any particular question, either, nor is it causing an issue for everyone (the trainer that tested the course previously had no issues).

Any suggestions?

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Tana Lyman

Correction:  It is stopping on a particular question - the last question in the quiz.  I looked and there's no branching or anything to cause it to halt the quiz when they reach that question.  It's just stopping for no apparent reason, no matter when they enounter it in the quiz (it's randomized)

Peter Anderson

Hi Tana

I'd recommend uploading the .QUIZ file you're having the trouble with so that we can take a closer look and work with you to pinpoint and troubleshoot the issue. You can do that here:

And please feel free to come back and leave your case number here when you get one so that I can track it personally. Thanks!