Partial scoring on Multiple Response Question

Oct 10, 2011


is there a way to achieve an individual gaining partial scoring when answering a multiple response question.  Eg if there are 3 correct responses but the individual only gets 2 correct out of the 3, can they gain some credit for this.  I have looked at points per question but there does not seem to be the availability to have points per answer on this.  I am happy to have the question so that it is worth 30 points and they 10points per correct answer as an alternative.

Any help greatfully appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert and welcome to Heroes! 

Quizmaker still does not yet have a feature for partial scoring, but I'd encourage you to share your thoughts as a feature request.  Some question types do allow you to score by answer, which would allow you to score a user based on what answer they selected (not just correct/incorrect). 

Regina Lehotay

I (and other developers on my team) have exactly the same question/complaint about the inability to do partial scoring on a MC/MA type question. We use Storyline not quizmaker but i assume if quizmaker doesn't have this feature then neither does Storyline right?I love Storyline but I have to say I am becoming a bit discouraged at seeing posts with feature requests which are several years old and seem like resonable requests and still no resolution. Anyone have any creative work arounds?

Kim Pearce

This is functionality we find ourselves needing too.  Please add us to the list requesting this feature.  We have several select all that apply that would benefit from this scoring option.  One in particular is where our learners have to identify "what's wrong with this picture".  Currently if a learner selects one of the neutral or accepted items, they will get the entire question wrong.  What I would prefer to do is make neutral choices equal to "0", incorrect choices "-1" (to not reward someone who is selecting everything), and "+2" for each correct selection.    Thanks in advance! 

Matthew Channell

Has there been any movement on getting this implemented? I want to copy a paper exam that has a simple question with four available answers, two of which are correct. Participants should get one point per correct answer.

I see that this has been requested several times over the last seven years (maybe before). It would be great to get an update as lots of people have been directed to raise a feature request, yet in the last seven years it hasn't got past go :-) 

Vincent Scoma

Hi Matthew,

Thank you for inquiring about this feature! 

While I don't have an update on implementing partial scoring in Storyline yet, I'll be sure to update our team and share your comments with them. If we add this feature in a future update, we'll reach back out to this discussion!