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Mar 28, 2014

Good morning,

I'm hoping this is a simple check box that I'm missing somewhere, but is it possible to provide users with the ability to pause the audio in a quiz?  The quiz is within a Studio course, which does have the pause feature available, so I thought it would carry over, but it disappears whenever a quiz starts. I haven't had a course with narration in a quiz before, so this is the first time I'm trying to do this.  

Thank you!


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Laura M

Thanks, Leslie!  I do have another question, if I can ask that here - I think I've confused myself messing with all of the settings trying to figure this out.  I now have the pause set up correctly.  I removed the seek bar because they want to make sure people are not clicking through before the narration is completed (for the entire course, not just the quizzes).  However, that was still allowing me to click "next" at any point and advance.  So, I locked the navigation for all slides, but now when I preview, it won't advance after the first slide's narration is completed and clicking "next" does nothing.  Can you possibly help me figure this out?  Thank you so much!  

Laura M

Hi Leslie,

I finally had time to publish this morning and I'm still having the same issue - when the narration for the first slide ends, nothing happens - clicking "next" does nothing, clicking the play button does nothing, clicking other slide links in the menu do nothing.  When I go to click on "next" the cursor has has a little padlock image next to it.  

Any ideas?
Thank you! 

Laura M

It's actually the entire course - I have a few quizzes sprinkled throughout with scenarios and a final quiz.  I have the quizzes set up now with the option to pause.

I'm wondering if the rest of what I'm trying  to do is just not possible:

1. Allow users to pause narration.

2. Allow users to advance slides on their own - not auto-advance, for those that need more time.

3. Ensure users don't advance through slides before narration has completed.

4. Allow users to go back to previously viewed slides.

I don't agree with the idea of forcing people to listen to narration, but alas, it's not up to me.  We are creating this course as a first version to cover as many people as possible, with the intention of having different global groups tweak for their audience eventually.  Until then, we are also trying to make the course friendly for those that speak English as a second language, hence not wanting it to auto-advance in case people need to read the notes (which match the audio) or pause.

If you think I can actually do all of that, let me know and I will send it over!  Otherwise, I think I'm trying to do too many things at once that just aren't possible with this program.

Thank you! 

Laura M

Hi Leslie,

That works for all of the navigation specifics we're looking to achieve. I never think to click on those gears to see what the settings within those menus are.

If you're still up to checking back here again () I'm now wondering if it's possible to have notes for quizzes within a Presenter course display.  I have the narration for each slide all typed out and I see it in the Notes pane when I'm in Quizmaker, but the Notes pane is showing as empty when the course is published.  


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