Possible to restyle / change out Matching DragNDrop graphics?

Let me start by asking that you do not reply with "Have you thought about using another type of interaction (sequenced DnD)?"

I know this sounds crule, however, I also believe Articulate needs to step up to the plate on this subject.

The internet is riddled with this unacceptable answer.

It is also obvious that many clients have been told to open a feature request - for about the last 3 years. Yey - still no results.

The answers I see are not solutions, only advertisments telling me "We have no intention to make this interaction better / more attractive to our clients." In fact Sequenced DnD and DnD are not even the same creature - at all. My response to this answer would be "Fine, I already own Captivate 6".

I have a very nice QM Quiz where I'm using almost all the different interactions. I have successfully styled all  the interactions (hotspots, MultiResponse, T/F, SingleResponse, etc... while all of them also having randomized answers - Everything I wanted to do, I could, until...

Matching Drag and Drop :(

This ineraction needs a great deal of work to mature - sorry to say.

The block images it uses are not resizeable - which causes your text to grow and shrink to fit the box.

The fixed columnized format is not very exciting for the user and limits my development.

The inability to directly skin each block (i.e. place images) really restricts the product.

Storyline is no better at this either.

Is it possible to modify any of the items I mention above?

If it is not possible...

I created a full featured Drag-and-Drop Flash interaction about 5 years past (in AS2) that is SCORM compliant.

Is it possible to get the handles your Drag and Drop uses so I can modify mine to use in place the Articulate one?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Dennis.

It is not currently possible to modify this particular question type they way you are asking. It is also not possible to replace an existing question type with one that you made. You could possibly incorporate yours as a web object or link to it so that you could track it in a traditional LMS but that would need to be tracked outside of Articulate as Articulate only allows you to track slides viewed or quiz results.