post-course evaluation

Greetings all,

there are some helpful discussions in this community concerning post-course evaluation! But most of them are already a few years old. We need to create our first post--course evaluation and it's not that easy as we thought. For getting a short high quality end-of-course survey I need more input. So my question: Are there any new helpful tips, links etc. on this subject?

Would be much appreciated!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Alexander!

It sounds like you want to create a survey in Quizmaker, is that right? If so, here's how:

  • In Question List View, go to the Home tab, and click Survey Question.
  • When the Insert Questions window opens, select the Survey tab in the upper left corner, and choose one of the question types. When you click a thumbnail, the right side of the window displays a description of that question type.
  • Click Insert.

For the results slide, change the Result Type to Survey. The survey result slide simply tracks whether or not the learner completed your survey.

In regards to what kinds of survey questions to include, check out this article: Helpful Tips for Building Surveys.