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Apr 05, 2011

I created a practice quiz with immediate feedback for each question which required a slide.  Intuitively, I created a "Feedback" question group and directed the remedials to it.  Oddly, with "default" as the option for returning to the "Question" group it simply went to the next "Feedback" slide.  Pretty hard to understand. 

I cannot determine a way around this with the limited options available other than hard coding in one of my other authoring tools where this is the default behavior.

It would be easier to do it in QM. 

Again, it's simple flow:  If correct, choose a random next question from the "Questions" group.  If incorrect, branch to the appropriate "Feedback" slide for that question and then return to the "Questions" group for another question.

What am i missing?


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Dave Mallette

Alrighty, then.  My assumption is that either I've failed to describe the issue well or there is no answer other than to use a more flexible quiz writing program to do this.  Doesn't seem too much to ask that Quizmaker branch from a feedback slide to a given question bank, but it doesn't appear to do that.  

The "Feedback" bank is set to have no questions drawn from it, so I cannot understand why Quizmaker continues to show slides sequentially from it on a single branch.

Non intuitive behavior...


Brian Batt

Hi Dave,

Instead of creating a "feedback" bank, I would put the appropriate incorrect and correct feedback slides right after each question.  This would allow you to branch to the appropriate next question as needed.  For more information, see the link below:

Dave Mallette

Hmm....don't see a way to edit a response here. 

Anyway, I should point out that the question bank is set to randomize and choose a certain number.  That's why it would include feedback slides as there is no setting to "skip" a slide. 

That is why I created a feedback slide.  What I am suggesting is non-intuitive is that once a feedback slide has been branched to it is continuing to show slides sequentially from that bank rather than continue with the actual questions.

This could be fixed readily by offering an option to return to the previous bank, but there is no such option. 


Brian Batt

Hi Dave,

I'd be more than happy to take a look at the quiz for you.  I've seen this implemented in several different quizzes.

You can upload the file here:

In the case subject, put Attention Brian Batt and the file will come straight to me.  In the Related Forums URL section, put the link to this thread.

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