Previous button no longer working

I added a Player Trigger to subtract 1 from the page when the user clicks on the previous button, allowing the numbers to decrease.  However, this made it so it does not go back to the previous slide, it only decreases the numbering for the question count.  If I remove this Player Trigger the previous button works just fine but then it is not decreasing my questions numbers but adding them.  What am I missing?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Deeadra -- Many thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community! Perhaps it would be most helpful if you were able to share your .quiz file so that we are able to take a better look at what you have described. 

Please upload your file here, or if you would prefer private review, here is the form you'd need to submit. :)

Christie Pollick

Thanks so much for your patience while I did some testing on your file, Deeadra, and I was able to experience the same behavior you described when I tested the course via the SCORM Cloud as seen here. May I ask if you have considered using any of the options shared in this discussion? Please let us know if you find improvement or if you still need help! 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Deeadra -- Thanks for reaching out and may I ask if you have received any correspondence from Articulate Support aside from forum notification messages? I see that 2 responses were sent to you for case #00776460 on 4/17/16 at 1:26 pm and 1:44 pm EST. Could you please check your SPAM folder to see if those responses were routed there in error?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Deeadra -- Thanks for your reply, and it's possible that the email address we have on file (which was used when the case was created on your behalf) may no longer be current. I forwarded the response that had been sent previously just a moment ago, but just so you have it here as well, the following is the message that was provided in your case on 4/17:

"I saw that you have the player trigger to subtract one, and still jump to previous slide - and that is all working as expected for me. What I did notice, is that since you're setting the slide variable to "Add 1 when the timeline starts" that if the user is revisiting the slide, the trigger is adding 1 again, so the first question slide will now read as question 2 on a revisit, and so on. 

Perhaps instead of adding it when the timeline starts you could add it when the user takes a particular action. Also you could look at using the "resume saved state" of the slide properties and that way the user would return to the slide and the timeline would pick up where it left off and the variable would not be added to."

Hope that helps, and if issues persist, it may be a good idea to have you submit a case from your end (so that we can ensure that your contact info is up to date without you having to share those details here publicly). Please use this form to reach our Support Engineers if further investigation is required. :)

Deeadra Maynard

Thank you for forwarding that information, I think I have got it figured out now.  Also thank you for letting me know about responding by email.  I did show the emails going to my spam but fixed that.  I did clean out my spam folder so I am sure I may have deleted the original emails, so the email on file is correct.  I appreciate your quick responses back to me.