Print reports and Chrome

Oct 19, 2011

Does anyone know of a problem with printing results of a quiz or survey when using Chrome, when we click on the print results button we are getting a text block that just says "Date/Time" and then nothing else? We have tried this with a multichoice quiz and a Likert survey and we get the same with either.

We have checked for updates for our Quizmake and there are no updates available.


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David Burton


A while back, this issue was submitted to our QA department and we discovered this was a BUG with Goggle Chrome. This issue only seems to happen with Quizmaker '09 - Update 6 and Google Chrome 5.0.366.2 (BETA). Can you confirm what version of Quizmaker and Chrome you are using. Does this issue happen with another browser?

The latest version of Quizmaker '09 is (Update 8  3.3.1103.112 March 2011)

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