problem with existing files after re installation on new PC

Jun 08, 2012


I have just installed QuizMaker on my new laptop (W7 enterprise - 64bit).  the installation seem to go fine, but when i open quizmaker files generated on my old PC, they open ok...but when i go to edit the slides, none of the existing text appears in the edit dialogue and i am unable to enter new text...even if i create a new quiz i am unable to enter text and the performance of quizmaker is very slow, clicking on buttons takes an age to respond.

when i click the preview button for a slide then the error below pops up!

so far i have tried the un-install/re-install routine without success

i was was wondering if there was a migration process to go through...i was using the same version of quizmaker on my old PC

thanks for any help you can offer


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