Qiuzzes not opening up

I thought this was the same problem as an earlier post but it seems to be different. We have created quite a few quizzes over the last few months since we went to Windows7 from XP.

We were always able to update them until Monday the 29th of Sept.

What changed that day was we reinstalled Articulate because we were not able to put interactions in like we needed to in engage.

The reinstall helped this issue however when we went to open our quizzes today that we have created in between the earlier install in Windows7 and today we cannot open them to work on them.

The message we get is: This project is invalid and cannot be opened.

It may have been created in an arlier version of quizmaker.

Our group has put alot of work and time into these quizzes and are quite concerned hopefully you can help us out.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adrian!

I would suggest that you conduct a repair of your software since you are stating that an install is what caused the start of your trouble.

Please be sure that you are working locally and not on a network drive as well.

If this does not seem to help, please share your .quiz file for me to have a look.