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So, I've read lots of threads on how many quesitons (usability-wise) a quiz should have - but I need to know if there's a upper limit in the program. I'm working to create a series of "vocabulary" cards and want to know whether I need to break them up to stay beneath a certain limit or whether quiz-marker will let me create the 100+ I'll likely need by the end of this course.

Anyone know?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jaime!

There's no known limit to the number of questions you can add to a quiz. That being said, the larger the quiz, the longer the quiz will take to load initially, regardless of the number of questions you decide to pull from theĀ question group.

So if you are only drawing 300 questions from a 450-question quiz, Quizmaker will still have to load all 450 questions.

I believe you should be fine with 100 questions, or near that amount. Just keep in mind that if you have users on slower machines, or slower internet access, they may have to wait a little bit longer if the project is larger.

Good luck with the project, Jamie! :)

Christine Hendrickson

Phil Mayor said:

I would look at the scorm limit as well if applied correctly in your LMS it will be 4096 characters for Scorm 1.2 as the question and answer is sent to the lMS that gives you approx. 40 characters to play with for each question if you have 100 questions

+1 - Excellent point, Phil. Thanks :D