Quiz giving 100% but 90 points???


I'm getting strange quiz results. The attached file last gave me 100% but 90 points. Some folks are getting 87% after answering all questions correctly.  

This was setup with unlimited attempts and a 'Try Again" and "Review Content" link which returns to the slide to "Try Again". But there is no option for incorrect. Therefore, everyone should get 100% and 100 points, otherwise they'll be in the training forever (he he - we're evil). However, I will settle for just showing 100%.

I've eliminated the text so I don't get in trouble with proprietary issues. Any help you can provide is most appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jill,

Thanks for sharing a copy of your project here with us. I took a look and one of your questions slides isn't set to be tracked by the results slide, so therefore 90 points is correct. It seems question 10 wasn't checked to be included - so you should be able to add that and have it work seamlessly.

Let us know if you need anything else!