Quiz is appearing instead of another slide!

Dec 15, 2011

Hello ~

Novice user here! I created my first learning game in  . . . all went well . . . unfortunately I left the project for a few weeks and the slide that held the game "disappeared" (I am not kidding) which was fine because the design changed. When I preview the program the game appears instead of new slide. Confused on what happened and how to "delete" something that I cannot even get at.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


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Peter Anderson

Hi Jann!

Sounds like it may be a caching issue. You may find that your presentations, quizzes, and interactions are not updating as expected if the following criteria are true:

  • You are hosting your content on a Web server or LMS.
  • You re-publish your content and overwrite the published files on the Web server or LMS.

Web browsers cache content by default, which means that you are actually viewing an older copy of your content that is stored on your local computer.  Web browsers use cache to speed up performance. You can correct this issue by clearing your browser cache.  This will force your browser to pull the updated version of your content from the server rather than using the cached version from your local computer.

If your content is in an LMS and you still have this issue, it is possible that your LMS is caching elements of the presentation. This would require that you contact the LMS provider to see if they can remove the cached files. Another option would be to update the reporting information in Articulate -> Publish -> LMS -> Reporting so that it is not using the same information as the original presentation. 

Is that helpful?

Jann Iaco


Thanks for the quick response. First of all my subject line was incorrect . . .it is not Quizmaker where the problem is, but Learning Games. (My bad!)

Right now I am just building the program. It will eventually go out to our LMS. I have not published the program yet, but am only previewing as I go along. I am working on my local C drive. Does this mean I still need to get the IT folks to "clear my browser cache"?

How can I delete something that is not there?   For example, at one point the Learning Game was slide 12, but when it "disappeared" I created another slide without any game on it. But only the Learning Game plays when I preview when it gets to slide 12.



Peter Anderson

Hi Jann,

Sorry for the confusion. Would you like to Create an Articulate Presenter Package and upload the zip file to us? You can do that and create a case here:


One of our awesome support engineers will be happy to take a closer look and help you find a solution. Please include all pertinent information when submitting your case. Thanks for your patience!

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