quiz item feedback for each item

How do you set it to give feedback on just the test items they got wrong. Right now it is just a blanket, "try again" and there is no indication which is wrong. I'd like to make it more user-friendly and direct learners to the question(s) they got wrong.

I'd also like to add feedback once they get it right, like, "Yes, that is right- this is an open-ended question, because ...." 

Also, in this matching section, the choices for the learner are to label the items as opened-ended or closed questions. When they click on each item, about 10 choices for open/closed come up. How do I make it look better and set it up right, so there is only one choice of the pair, :"open-ended or closed ended" - instead of having so many words floating around!?  Thanks!

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Christine Hendrickson

I think this method might work for you. You can create a result slide (as David shows in the first video), and have feedback shown for the questions that users answered incorrectly. 

As for the pop-up with the "Try Again", you can always edit this to provide more feedback, or make it a little more personal.

Here's an example: