Quiz Loads As White Screen/Quiz Loads Multiple Times?


I'm trying to help one of our developers with an issue.  She has a course where a final quiz (page 47 of the course) loads with just a white screen for just a few learners.  The course has earlier non-scoring quizzes as check-your-knowledge questions and they load just fine.

Any one have that problem before?  Ever solve it?

Also, in looking at this AICC course with HTTP Watch, I noticed it loaded multiple times.  (This may or may not be related to the problem above but I thought I'd pursue it.)

So I looked at a course that I'm working on (with a final quiz of 9 true-false questions) and I noticed it loaded into memory 12 times when it started.

Just curious why that happens.  Is that normal?  (Am using Quizmake Updater 8 version).

Is it 9 times to account for each of the 9 question plus one intro slide plus 2 results slides = 12 loads?


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Brian Batt

Hi Gerry,

For her final quiz, does she have multiple items in each slide that could be grouped together, saved as an image, & then reinserted as a single object?  I would recommend going through the quiz & seeing where it could be optimized for less objects.  My guess is that some of the users are having memory related issues.  Thus, reducing the overall number of objects in the quiz would be beneficial.

Also, I'd recommend removing the "zoom" option from images where it's not relevant as this can also drain the memory usage.

Gerry Wasiluk

Hey, Brian! 

Thanks for the response.  Actually, the quiz was just text and the stock QM09 images (like the check marks for the results pages) and sounds.  Mainly multiple choice questions and one drag and drop.  No images inserted by the developer.  Pretty simple.

Memory-related issues sounds lke a probable cause.  Wonder if the learner was running any other apps at the time?


Dave Mozealous

Hey Gerry,

Not sure on the white screen issue....do you have a screenshot of that?

>Is it 9 times to account for each of the 9 question plus one intro slide plus 2 results slides = 12 loads?

Yep.  Instead of creating one new background for each slide (if the background is the same) we will just export one background.  Which will then be referenced on each slide that uses it.  But the browser should cache this so that it doesn't actually have to download it 12 times.