Quizmaker 13 and Blackboard

Jan 08, 2016

Hi Everyone,

I am conducting some tests to find which publish settings in Quizmaker/Blackboard settings report best to Blackboard.  I'm wondering if there is anyone else that has found the best workflow for this.  There are a few other threads loosely pertaining to this but they are older so I wanted to start a new one.

Let's assume we are tracking a results slide.  So there are the 4 options in publishing settings in Quizmaker under reporting: Completed/Failed, Completed/ Incomplete, Passed/Failed, Passed /Incomplete.

There are then several options in Blackboard.  The ones that I'm most curios about are Grade SCOS and Grade Timing.  I've attached some screenshots.

So far various combinations seem to report to the grade center and others do not.  In the Articulate settings, I've seen Completed /Failed & Passed/Failed work.  I've also seen Passed incomplete report and not report.  In Blackboard I've generally chosen:

Grade SCOS:No

Grade Timing: When SCORM is completed...

Before I try every combination, I just wondered if anyone else had gone through this since Blackboard is so commonly used.   I can update the thread as I have results as well.




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Adam Hain

Thanks Leslie,

I've run a few tests and have had good results.  It appears all 4 options in Articulate report passing scores but the Completed/Failed and Passed/Failed options also pass failing scores correctly.  The other two options have been reporting failed attempts as incomplete in Bb.  As such I'd recommend C/F and P/F as of now.  

The default settings when adding a SCORM package in Bb seem to work fine.

I'll be running more tests both in a sandbox environment and in real courses moving forward and will keep everyone updated with results.

Alison Gretchen Stander

Hi Adam

We've (the college I'm teaching at) been using Blackboard for a lot of the quizzes that we published. We have published it exactly as indicated in your pictures above and with the P/F option. I have had a lot of hick ups though with regards to the "data flow" dropping (I live in South Africa, and our internet is a bit slow) and students being "kicked off" of BB and out of the quiz. When trying to retreive results from BB, it shows incomplete even though the student completed the quiz the second time round.

Also because BB, does not recognise the SCORM Package as a test, it tends to respond different compared to when you would have set up a test in BB (don't know if that makes sense). 

Other than that, Blackboard seems to show good results.



Adam Hain

Hi Alison,

I created  a document that I have attached which goes over the quizmaker settings and publishing settings that have worked for us.  Mostly in Bb I just leave everything alone.  It is important to change the publishing settings in Articulate to P/F though! 

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