Quizmaker '13 answer rollover colors

Apr 04, 2014

Not seeing an option to edit the color of the rollover effect for question answers. For example, in a multiple choice question, I see the edit options for the radio button colors, but the roll over color for the choice defaults to a blue color. Just curious if that can be changed.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Darrin,

If you're using Quizmaker '13, here's a tutorial that will help you with changing the hover color:

Working with Theme Colors in Articulate Quizmaker

  • Control 1 is the hover color for answer choices (except drag items, drop-down questions, and Likert Scale questions—these use Custom 2).
  • Custom 2 is the default color for selected radio buttons (but this can be overridden with the radio button formatting options). It's also the hover color for drag items, drop-down questions, and Likert Scale questions.

I hope this helps!



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