Quizmaker 13 Branching with Multiple Attempts

Apr 25, 2015

So here's the customer's challenge: build a branching work-related scenario in Quizmaker 13. The learner will have two chances at a correct answer for each question, and multiple choice questions will have feedback by answer choice.

Each answer's choice navigates to a Blank Slide with custom feedback and graphics, so for a 4-answer multiple choice question, there are 4 Blank Screens (3 incorrect and 1 correct).

The problem is that as soon as Feedback by Choice is selected, the Try Again option no longer appears. And even though the feedback prompt box is left empty, the feedback dialog box appears (with no text). Interestingly, clicking the Continue Button leaves me on the same question page -- until I've clicked the question Submit button the exact number of Attempts that are set for that question. Only then does the branching work as programmed.

I don't know whether this is a bug, a missing feature, or is simply beyond the programming capabilities of Quizmaker.

I'll work the customer request in a different way, so I'm just throwing this out there as a question rather than a tech-support need.

Any comments from staff?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

Just to confirm I'm understanding - if you choose feedback by choice, yet allow the user more than one attempt, and say the user chooses A, you'll see the feedback for such, and if incorrect, they'll be able to return to the question slide and choose a different answer. If they choose wrong again, they'll still see the feedback for that choice, but then they'll continue away from that page based on the branching. 

If you're experiencing some difficulty or I'm misunderstanding your set up, could you share a copy of the .quiz file here with us? 

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