Quizmaker '13 Results slides

Greetings Friends,

Last week after MUCH frustration, I asked for help here and found out how to keep my quiz feedback from turning out 'microsopic.'  (I honestly don't know what the developers were thinking when they made "Shrink text on overflow" a default.)

Now the next question - on the Feedback slides.  Under Home / Align Text / More Options, what's the difference in "Do not Autofit" and "Resize shape to fit text?"

Thanks Friends.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jerry!

The Autofit property controls what happens when text is too big to fit within its text box, shape, or caption.

  • Do not Autofit: This causes the text to overflow the object if there is too much to fit within it.
  • Shrink text on overflow: This automatically adjusts the font size so the text fits within the object.
  • Resize shape to fit text: This automatically resizes the object to accommodate the text.