QUIZMAKER 13: Review Quiz Correct/Incorrect Background Color

May 01, 2014

Hi - I'm just starting w/ Articulate 13.  In quizmaker, during the "review Quiz", The background for  the "Incorrect" answer classes with the client's logo, & they want it changed:

I don't see that color appearing anywhere in the presenter player colors, the quizmaker player colors, or the feedback master.

I see some posts that in storyline, the solution is to create a custom feedback layer, but I don't have that option (i don't think) in quizmaker 13.

Is there any way to change this color?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Carol,

You added the logo using Presenter '13, correct? If so, you can either change the color of the logo border, or you can make it completely transparent. 

Here's how:

  • Click on "Player" in the Articulate ribbon in PowerPoint.
  • Select "Colors & Effects". 
  • Click on the "Show advanced color options" link under "Colors".
  • From the "Edit item:" drop-down, select "Logo >> Background".
  • From here, set the "Transparency" to 100% or select a new color.

Carol Rusin

Hi Christine,

THanks, but I don't want to (am not allowed) to change the logo color.  I'm looking to change the background color of the post-quiz review feedback (the bar on which CORRECT/INCORRECT) is displayed.   I've been reading / playing some more since my original post, I don't think it can be done.  I can overlay the feedback bar w/ something else via a custom review layer, but i'D need it to say different things (correct or incorrect) based on  whether the user answered the quiz question correctly or not.  I don't think I have that capability in 13.  So, at this point, I just want to verify that the color cannot be changed.

I've attached a screenshot of the feedback I'm speaking of, for your reference.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Carol,

I apologize for misunderstanding - when you stated it clashed with the logo, I thought you were referring to the color that surrounded the logo. 

Correct, there's no built-in option for changing the bars that appear along the bottom for the "Correct" and "Incorrect" responses. 

I know that's not the answer you were hoping for, but I hope this information helps.


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