Quizmaker: Adjusting hover area of answer choices so that they are the same

Hello! I am creating several quizzes using Quiz Maker and need a little assistance. On the first quiz I created the blue highlighted area that appears as you hover over the answer choices in preview mode seem to be ok. They are even sized. However, on the 2nd quiz I am working on, some of the hover areas are larger than others. Can someone please advise on what may be causing this and how to fix this issue? I've attached a screen shot of the issue for clarity. Thank you for your assistance.

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Susan Rice

Thank you Trevor! I tried your suggestion but was not successful in having the hover effect be the same size as the rest of the answer options. It appears that all of the radio buttons are the same size. I even checked the size of the text boxes to see if that was the problem, but they too are all congruent to one another.