Quizmaker and Moodle

May 15, 2014

I am trying to get my Articulate quiz to score correctly in Moodle.  Below is a summary of what is occurring.

  • I tell the SCORM to pull results from the Results Slide in Articulate Quizmaker.  All questions are set to a value of one point, and there are 10 questions. 
  • I upload the SCORM to Moodle and set the maximum score to 10.  The grading method is Highest Grade. 
  • If I get one or more question correct in the quiz, the score goes automatically to 10/10 (100%)
  • If the max points in Moodle are set to 100, though, if I get 6 correct, my score is 60/100.  Or if I get 4 correct, the score is 40/100.
  • To me, it appears that each question is being scored as 10 points when it should be scored as 1 point.  In Articulate, I also have the default value for questions set to 1 point. 

What settings do I need to adjust in Moodle and/or Articulate to get scores such as 7/10 or 5/10, etc?



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