QuizMaker and Presenter Notes

Oct 11, 2016


I'm using Articulate Studio '13. When I add a QuizMaker quiz to the PowerPoint I'm going to publish using Presenter, the question stem text from the one-question quiz are automatically presented in the Notes tab in the Presenter output.

question stem text

Here's how they appear in the Notes tab in Presenter - showing Preview mode.

screenshot of Notes text QuizMaker automatically added

I would like to replace this text with text from the audio narration script, that I have been manually adding via the Speaker Notes section of each PPT slide.

When I add the narration script text to the PPT slide manually, it overlaps with the Notes text that was automatically added by QuizMaker.

effect of adding speaker notes to same ppt slide

Is there a way to delete the Notes text automatically added by QuizMaker? It isn't visible in the Speaker Notes of the PPT slide.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots here, as it made it extremely easy for me to see what you're describing and look at replicating it. The question text will be included as a part of the Notes tab and there isn't a way to remove the question text. You could look at disabling the notes tab for the individual question slides by doing so from the slide properties.

As for how it overlaps, that isn't something I'd expect to see, although it was something we saw in Storyline for slide titles that were longer and would overlap the notes text. I'm going to share it with our QA team for additional review but I don't have a timeframe to offer in regards to when I'll hear back from them, so I'd look at removing the notes tab for those question slides. 

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