Quizmaker and SharePoint LMS

Jan 18, 2012

Hi all,

I created a quizmaker quiz (unlimited attempts, passing score 80%). The LMS options are unlimted, record the highest score. It is reporting to grade book as Pass/Fail.

In this LMS, a student needs to "finish" the Quiz maker quiz, then "finish" the quiz in the LMS. Unless they go through the second "Finish," the pass/fail is not posted to the grade book. 

Unfortunately, most students did not go through the second "finish" step and the grade book displays "Not Available." 

They are able to go back and "edit" their passing attempt, and click Finish. However, when they do, the result is reporting as Incomplete and Failed - even for those students who scored 100. 

We use a SharePoint based LMS. 

I hope someone can help. I'm at a loss. 

Thanks - Leslie

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Leslie!

I want to be sure I'm totally following you. When you say the users are able to go back and "edit" their passing attempt, are you saying that they are allowed to retake the quiz until they pass? If so, have you ensured that the number of attempts has been set correctly not just in your LMS, but also from within Quizmaker?

We also have an outstanding article on troubleshooting Articulate/LMS issues that may be a good resource for you. In it, there are instructions on how to run your content through SCORM Cloud, which will help pinpoint and address any issues. 

If you feel there is an issue within Quizmaker causing the problem, please feel fre to upload your .QUIZ file and submit a support case by following this link:


I hope that's helpful, and welcome again!

Leslie Bofill

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response.

The way our LMS works, it allows students to return to their quiz and edit the submission. I'm not sure if by editing they are allowed to change the answers. I will check on that.

The LMS is set up for unlimited attempts. I will check to see if the Quizmaker file is set for the same.

Thanks so much for your help. I'll definately read the troubleshooting article.


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