Quizmaker and SumTotal v8.2

Oct 03, 2011

I have tried just about every combination of properties in the LMS, Quizmaker, and Presenter, and still can not get the tests to work properly. I'm hoping someone can help. Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

"I want the passing score to be 70% and I want the learner to be able to attempt the quiz a maximum of 3 times to reach this passing score. In between attempts, the learner should be able to review the quiz (without the correct/incorrect indicators."

I have tried setting the maximum attempts in quizmaker and/or in the LMS. However, if the learner uses the TOC navigation and goes back to the quiz, the number of attempts restriction gets bypassed.

I've tried checking and unchecking the prompt to resume options in both quizmaker and Presenter.

Any ideas?

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Catherine Conley

I'm getting closer - I think.

I have the quizmaker test properties set to allow the user up to 3 tries. This restriction is enforced the first time the user attempts the quiz. By this I mean that the user is not allowed to try more than three times. After the 3rd failed attempt, the user is no longer given the optoin to retry the quiz. The user then clicks Finish on the quiz and the program progresses to the last page of the course.

At this point, if the user uses the TOC navigation to return to quiz, the quiz will allow another (4th) attempt. Any idea how to prevent this extra attempt?

Catherine Conley

I've tried both checking and unchecking the resume features. On my last try, both presenter and quizmaker had the resume feature and the ignore flash cookie options checked. I took the exam the max number of tries and the retry quiz optin went away. I then used the TOC navigation to re-load the quiz page and was given another attempt. This last attempt was a passing attempt - and that is the only attempt registered by the LMS.

Brian Batt

Hi Catherine,

First, although we constantly communicate with the LMS, the score is only committed to the LMS once the content has been exited.  So, it's up to the LMS to determine how to handle the number of attempts.  We can somewhat limit attempts within Quizmaker, but it's ultimately the responsibility of the LMS to handle the attempts.

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