Quizmaker Bogging Down

Is anyone having trouble with Quizmaker running a lot slower than normal?   Since installing the latest updates, Quizmaker is not as responsive as before.  Moving graphics around on a question/slide is painfully slow.  It is very sluggish. 

Just to cover the tech basics, nothing else on my system is running slow.  My system is running Win7 on an I7 quad processor with 16gb of ram.  Office 2010.

Anyone have any suggestions?   I routinely clear the cache, clean out all the temp files, etc. 


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Brian Batt

Hi Ben,

Do you have an anti-virus software program that "audits" ever process and thread that is running on your machine?  The reason that I ask is that we didn't do anything in the latest update of Quizmaker that would have impacted the overall speed of it.  

If you still have issues, can you replicate the issue with a completely new quiz?  

Ben  Wyse

Thanks for the quick response Brian,

I have the typical Norton 360 but haven't the foggiest idea of how to log processes with it.   It's not intuitive from what I can tell.   I will start with another quiz, but I have noticed this problem with all the quizzes I have been working on since beginning this new project.   It's probably something with my machine but I don't know what it could be yet.   The only real differences in my setup are I have set up a RAID array which mirrors my drive and I have another program which also backs up my data files continuously to a USB drive.   If Quizmaker is doing something in the background that conflicts with shadow copies or something, that might be an issue.