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Nov 14, 2012


I am editing a course I did not create and I can't figure out something that the designer did. In the knowledge checks for the last screen where the score comes up, the ISDer created a Next button that shows up on center screen on the skin and yet the button is not on the actual pass/fail pages. It's just a white background with the scoring info, but when it publishes out there is a skin and a next button.  The customer has asked that this button be removed as it does not work. I'd like to comply, but am having trouble locating where the button is in order to remove it.  If it helps the button looks exactly like the Submit button that's on all the other slides, but it's been changed to say "Next" and it's location has been moved.  I appreciate any quidance anyone can provide.  Thanks.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sheila, does the button appear on bottom center of the result slide as shown in the screenshot below? If so, I believe what's happening is, that is actually the "Finish" button, which normally appears on the result slide, but the previous designer apparently changed the text label on the button so that it says "Next" instead.

Are there additional slides that come after your quiz? If so, you'd want to retain that button and just change its behavior so that learners can proceed to the next slide after the quiz. (We can help you with that if the button's not functioning the way it should.) If, on the other hand, there are no slides after the quiz and you truly want to get rid of the button altogether, that's a different situation. Unfortunately Quizmaker doesn't offer the ability to remove the button; however there is an unsupported workaround you could try - Dave Moxon shares more about it in this blog post.

Sheila B

Hello Jeanette,

First, thanks so much for your reply!  As for the button, yes the "Next" button is indeed the "Finish" button renamed. I did determine that with assistance from a  work associate today. Additionally, I did learn that the button is not functioning because the published Articulate is inserted into a Java-based skin, so when it gets to that last Quizmaker slide the user is going to have to click on the Java-based button to drive the slide forward to the summary slide that comes after this quiz (unless you know of a way to change the behavior so that button will drive results slide forward within a Java-based skin).

So, unless you can provide help to change the behavior of that button, I think I'm going to have to try the unsupported work around. Until I read this email, I actually thought I was just going to have to insert directions into the button that said "Click the forward button to proceed" but I'll be honest that I didn't like that idea as the directions would still appear in a button that looks clickable. An invisible swf sounds like a much better option. I am hoping that the next version of Articulate will solve this issue more directly and give ISDers and option to de-select the button.  

Thanks again  for your help - and please to let me know if there is a behavior change that I can make to the button that will simply drive it forward to the next screen within the Java-based skin/menu. Having two options would be fantastic!

Regards - Sheila

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Sheila, since I'm not familiar with the skin you're using, I'm not sure how it might be affecting the behavior of your course, but normally you can easily adjust the behavior of a quiz's Finish button like this: Go to your quiz placeholder slide within your PowerPoint file, and at the bottom you'll see a Properties area. Click that, and the Quizzes and Interactions window will appear, and you'll be able to control the behavior of the Finish button by using the selectors shown in the screenshot below: 

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