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Aug 13, 2013

I have created 2 quizzes (sequence drop-down and sequence drag & drop).

When I tested both by entering the wrong sequence, it still results as passed. Both quizzes are not supposed to be graded.

Please advise.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi C.O., 

I'm a bit confused by how you have this set up, as the two quiz types you mentioned are designed to be graded, although the bigger concern is of course that you've entered them in the wrong sequence and it's reporting it as passed. I tried this in my own Quizmaker file, and was able to replicate it if I assigned the points value of correct answers = 0. 

So here is how I set up my quiz to allow for students to pass based on receiving correct answers, but not providing a grade:

  1. Set the "correct" answer point value to a number 
  2. Edited the Pass Results/Fail Results screen to remove: "Show Users's Score" and "Show passing score"
  3. Updated the player template display settings to remove: "Display question point value" and "Display cumulative score"
  4. My passing score is still set at 80% so that they'd have to get both right to have "passed" - you could modify this if you only want them to get one correct.

This set up, allows my users to complete the quiz, and see if they passed or fail, with no grade assigned. Attached is the very basic quiz sample. 

C.O. Ng

I understand they are designed to be graded. I opted though to assign zero points so they are "not graded."

I've applied the same settings from my quiz to yours: removed the points allocated to the question and set a passing rate of 100%. Notice that even if you got the question wrong, the results slide will still say "great job!"

That is what I meant by my initial post.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi C.O., 

Thanks for the additional information - the missing piece is that I didn't set the Points Awarded to 0 in the Quiz Properties in addition to the individual question. By making that update, I'm now able to answer the question incorrectly and get a "fail" result. You'll need to set it on the individual questions and within the properties itself. 

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