Quizmaker freezing - circle spinning

Mar 12, 2011

Hello Heros...please I need help

All of a sudden my quizzes are freezing at different stages in the quiz. The circle just spins and you cant do anything. This has just started happening in the last few days.  It is happenig in Firefox and IE8.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Baxter - are you using Flash player 10.2? It's possible that a bug in that version of the Flash player is causing an issue with your published quizzes. Earlier this week we released an updated to Articulate Studio '09 which contains a fix for this problem. You can find out more (and get the free udpate) by going to this blog post.

vic matthews

Hi Jeanette,

I just started experiencing this same (quizmaker freezing) problem with Quizmaker on July 11th, just after updating to Flash

I installed the Articulate update ver 8 and rebooted.  Reinserted the Quizmaker file with my project and republished. 

Problem still remains.  Preview works great, but after publishing the quiz circle just spins.

Cathy Lewis

Hello:  I'm getting the spinning circle on what seems to be the last question of my quiz.  I've set it up both ways, submit questions at once and individually.  There is no way for the learner to complete the quiz.  I also looked at the article above, removed and replaced the quiz.  And I'm not using flash.  I am using Presenter 360.

Katie Riggio

Really sorry you've run into that spinning wheel, Cathy. I'd love to help out, and brilliant move on also opening a support case!

While my teammate, Gren, reviews your file, I have a few questions in the meantime:

  • Did you publish the course for Web, LMS, or something else?
  • Does the spinning wheel on the last slide appear on multiple browsers or a particular one?

We'll be standing by!

Cathy Lewis

I tired it multiple places: Skillport LMS (Skillsoft), file, and Review 360
I only used it with Chrome
I published 4 courses yesterday – exact same navigation and test structure – thought I was on a roll but the snag occurred with the 4th. I did try clearing the cache – that did not help

Thank you for the reply

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