Quizmaker hyperlinks not working

Hi, there: So I followed Jeanette's advice to a "T" and my the blank slides I want to hyperlink to in my quizmaker quizzes just aren't showing up. (I'm using the blank sides for more robust learner feedback.) I've set the links, assured my template is set to go "one question at a time" and still they don't show up. Am I missing something? Thanks so much. --Daniel

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Peter Anderson

Hi Daniel!

Sounds like you've already reviewed this article and still aren't getting the results you want, so if you'd like to upload the .QUIZ file for the quiz you want us to review, one of our support engineers would be happy to help you find a solution. You can do that here:


Please include the url to this thread when submitting your case, and feel free to leave your case number here so that I can follow it personally. Thanks!