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Feb 21, 2011


I am new to Quizmaker and hence would welcome help on the following please;

I would like to add audio to matching drag and drop question i.e. one word can be "hello" and drag/drop part be "bonjour".  The user can click each of the word tile and hear the audio before moving the tiles to match ie drag and drop.

Has anybody done this, can anybody help do this - any info will be very helpful.

Look forward to hearing from somebody

Jilo from UK (new user!)

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Patricio Bustamante M

Hi Jilo :
Very good question ( very useful to practice some language  ). May be you can do something like that :

( http://www.e-sinergy.cl/wp-content/uploads/articulate/quiz_drag_and_drop_audio/quiz.html )

Here I'm using 4 flash for each audio. Very easy if you know a little of flash.
I hope you can be illuminate with this sample.


Jilo Esmail

Patricio, you the man!

I have submitted new feature request! I have only purchased Quizmaker last week and have been impressed with community support, shame the product cant let me do what I want.

Your example is excellent, I have tried the link above but, cant access for some reason; I have never done anything in flash but, will try your suggestion. Are you able to share/email me the info contained on the link - jilo@btinternet.com

Once again, big thanks - )

Jilo (from UK)

PS thanks Brian

Marjolein Martinaud

Hi Patricio,

I have exactly the same question as Jilo from UK had in February this year. I teach French and would very much like to create such an activity with audio on the left and sentences or words on the right and ask my students to match them together.

I see that this link http://www.e-sinergy.cl/wp-content/uploads/articulate/quiz_drag_and_drop_audio/quiz.html

doesn't work anymore. Can you explain again in a tutorial how to create something like that for French ?

I don't know anything of flash either, but I have it on my computer. It's a shame I never had a look at it. Where should I start ??

Best regards,


Jeanette Brooks

Hey Marjolein

Here's something (kind of) similar to the example that Patricio shows in his screen capture above, only instead of using Flash to create the audio files, I used the technique that Ron shows in this tutorial to create audio swfs. And I used a matching dropdown question rather than a matching drag and drop. The only challenge with this approach is that when you insert the swfs into Quizmaker, there will always be a thin gray rectangular outline around the (invisible) swf movie. So I had to do some creative placement with rectangles to cover those up.

Here's the Quizmaker file in case you'd like to take a look.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Marjolein - you could get something close to that example by using a matching drag & drop question in Quizmaker, and creating the audio swf files as mentioned in Ron's screenr. Again, the biggest challenge is going to be sizing/formatting the audio swfs so that they look right with your slide design. Here is a re-do of the same question I posted above, but this time I formatted it as a matching drag-and-drop, and learners need to connect each word with the correct audio file. If you download the Quizmaker source file you'll see again that I had to get creative with using purple rectangles to cover up the gray border of the invisible swfs.

Jilo Esmail

Hi Marjolein

Apology for late response to your question - Patricio's examples files are attached to following response above

Posted Monday, February 21, 2011 at 1:23 PM

The zipped file is .rar type.  If you are strugguling to dopwnload then, let me know and I will email directly - forward you email address.

Unfortunately, the example whilst excellent, it needs knowledge of prgramming which I dont have much experience of.  Would be interested to know how you get on - I will also try Jeanette's example.




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