Quizmaker Multiple Choice - LMS output for unvalidated questions

Dear Heroes,

I am an Articulate 360 user and regularly build E-Learnings based on PowerPoint files, sometimes including Quizmaker quizzes during production. I don't have much insight on the details the responsible trainers can read out from the LMS. I have an urgent question regarding multiple choice quizzes:

If I create a Quizmaker multiple choice test, so far, I found out that it is possible to add some questions which don’t enter into the overall passing evaluation score for that course. To achieve this, I set the score for those two slides to zero.  My question is: will the responsible trainer be able to see if these questions (which don’t count for the overall passing score) were answered correctly or not, to make sure the participant really really understood the topic of the course? And can the trainer generally see if a specific question slide was answered correctly or not? Or, as an alternative solution, if the course features more quizzes, does a trainer get feedback about how the learner completed each quiz (even if some of these quizzes would not gain points, thus having no influence on the overall passing score)?


Best regards and thank you very much for your help

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