Branching quizzes and scoring

Feb 02, 2012

Hi there - I have a number of quizzes that are set up so that the user get 2 opportunities to answer a question. This is done with question sets and duplicate questions within the set. Q1 answered correctly, go to Q2. Q1 answered incorrectly, view a couple of blank slides and then view a duplicate of the Q1. If answered incorrectly a second time, fail quiz. If answered correctly, move on. Overall, quiz is failed is both questions in a set are answered incorrectly.

I believe branching is all set up correctly, but the passing score is where it is not working. What should this score be set to?

Thanks for the help. I apologize if this is a redundant question. I have looked it up in the forums, but can't find the exact situation...and all of this branching is making my head hurt. :(

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Ron Price

Based on your description, it sounds like the passing score could be 50%.  There are a total of four questions that a learner could possibly receive, right.  And if they answer 2 correctly - they pass- so 50% would be the passing score.  You may want to turn off the display of score on the slides and on the passing results slides, since that may look kind of strange.  You can always weight the second question in each set with more points.

Wendy Garrison

Unfortunately, no, the 50% won't work. I thought about that but there are maybe 20 courses set up like this. Each course quiz has between 5 - 20 questions. Let's say the user goes all the way to Q15 until answering the same question incorrectly twice. At this point, they should fail, regardless of how many questions prior to this they got correct on the first round.

Ideally, I want the question branching to dictate the pass/fail, not the scoring, though I am not sure if I can set it up that way.

BTW, I do have the results screen off at the end. I have it on now just to troubleshoot and see percentages.

Ron Price

I see what you are saying.  That would be difficult to determine a consistent way of handling this in QuizMaker. 

Here is a thought - I have not tested it . . . but in my warped brain, it seems like it could work . . . Since you are not scoring, You could consider turning the point values off on the first questions they receive. . . only score the follow-up questions. Set your Pass score at 100%.  On your second questions, you could even branch the incorrect answer to finish quiz.  Once they get a follow up question incorrectly, the quiz is over and the participant has failed that attempt.

Could be worth a try.

Wendy Garrison

@Ron -- this seems to be the magic combination - first question = zero points, retake question = 1 point. Passing score set to 100% and branch all incorrect retakes to Finish Quiz. Phew! I think that is it.

Off now to edit other courses. Side question -- do you know if I can edit the Quizmaker files by opening them directly or do I need to open through PPT? In other words, will the updated quizmaker information pass into the course once I republish if I change the quizzes directly in Quizmaker? If so, do I need to remove the quiz and then add it back in within PPT? Intuitively, I don't think so, but I seem to have had issues with this in the past. I hope I am explaining this well.

Ron Price

Great!  Don't you love it when a plan comes together.  It seemed like it would work in theory . . .

Concerning your other question.  Yes, you can open up QM and edit the quizzes as a standalone.

You will want to make sure you toggle the update Quizmaker function in Presentation Options (see below), and this SHOULD update your course with the changes.  If not, then you may need to re-insert.

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