Quizmaker Pass/Fail only option?

Nov 18, 2015

Hi folks!

I'm working from the administrative end of things at our organization, rather than designing. So I'm very unfamiliar with Articulate, and hoping somebody can give me some answers to my (probably very dumb) questions. 

What we want to do is use Articulate to create presentations to then use in our LMS (Moodlerooms). What we would like is for our students to take an assessment test just after they start a course, and then take an assessment again after they have finished rest of the coursework. We were originally going to have the presentations created in Articulate and use quizzes created in Moodle, but there doesn't seem to be a smooth way to incorporate a Moodle quiz into the articulate presentation (and we would like it all to be one big packaged file).

So our natural next step is to use Articulate for the presentation and use quizzes made in Articulate to be included in those presentations. However, I'm hearing that Articulate only records student answers as pass/fail once you've set the percentage that qualifies as pass. But in our beginning assessment, we aren't worried about the student passing/failing, but rather with seeing how much they do or don't know so that we can see how much they've progressed later. So my questions are these:

1) Is there a way that Articulate Quizmaker can be set up so that a student can still complete the quiz ("pass" so that they can continue with the presentation) without having to get any answers correct?

2) If so, can the teacher/admin view a student's individual answers? 


Sorry if this question is confusing or extremely basic-- Again, very new here and lacking some vital pieces of information. 

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