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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Shireesha, 

It sounds like you're looking for a way to capture data and track learners' quiz responses, is that correct?

For that, you'll want to host your Quizmaker file in a learning management system (LMS). If you're not already using a LMS, Articulate Online might be just what you're looking for. 

Let me know if that answers your question!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Shireesha,

The following information gets communicated to a learning management system (LMS) by Articulate Quizmaker SCORM and AICC content:

  • id: Quizmaker sends a series of data for this string. The most useful portion is the Slide#, which is the number of the slide in that particular question group.
  • type: This is the type of question (True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, etc).
  • student_response: This is how the learner answered the question.
  • correct_response: This is the correct answer for the question.
  • result: This designates whether the learner answered the question correctly or not.
  • weighting: Articulate content doesn't currently use this item. It'll always be 1.
  • latency: This is how long it took the learner to answer the question.
  • objective: Articulate content doesn't currently use this item. It'll always be 0.

Tip: To send question text to your LMS, publish for SCORM 2004 or Tin Can API (also called Experience API or xAPI).