Quizmaker slide master - apply to just one slide

Hi.  I've created 2 slide masters in a quiz.  I applied one master to all slides, then I went back into one question to apply the 2nd master just to that silde but it keeps applying to all the slides.  I am opening the question, selecting design, selecting the slide master from the themes.  Then I right click and select "apply to just this slide."   Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?

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Josh Uhlig

Thanks Jan, but I want to be able to choose a set of slides (more than one but not all) and apply the master to that set.  This would be similar to the way you would do the same thing in PowerPoint.  I actually have 5 question groups and each has a different master as a background.  It's annoying to have to go through 20+ questions one by one just to change the master slide used.  I'll submit an enhancement request as Justin suggested.