Quizmaker slide properties

Mar 21, 2012


I am trying to set up a number of slides within a articulate piece that combines both PPT slides and individual Quizmaker slides. The idea is that the learner can use the main PPT slide to choose which Quizmaker slide to view and answer and once completing a single question they are returned to the PPT slide to choose again.

I have set the Quizmaker properties to return to the specific PPT slide once they have failed/passed/finished the question,

I have also updated the Branching column within Slide Properties in Articulate to reflect this as well as removing the Pass Results and Fail Results screens (as it is not a scored question).

However, when the question is answered and the correct details come up, when "Finish" is clicked nothing happens. I have changed the option to go to the next slide and that seems to work, but when I ask it to jump more than one slide it doesn't work.

Can anyone help?

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