Quizmaker slide view: animations not appearing

Aug 06, 2012


I am using Quizmaker to display a video with animations (powerpoint shapes) that appear on top of the video. I use Timeline to set the appearance timing and the animations work in the Timeline preview but not in the Quizmaker or Presenter previews. Please help!



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MT Holland

Thanks for your reply Jeanette! I don't know what the problem was, but they are working now. But I do have another question about audio and video in Quizmaker. I added an mp4 using the Insert Media in slide view. Then I recorded the audio using the Insert Sound. When I preview or publish, and pause the video, the audio does not pause. How do I get the audio to pause/play along with the video?

Thank you for your help!


Jeanette Brooks

Hey Mary,

It sounds like you've included a playbar on your video, and you're wanting to use the video's pause button to pause the audio too? Unfortunately, since the audio and video are separate objects, there's really not a way to make the video pause/playbar affect the audio. What I'd recommend is to use a video editing tool to add your narration to the movie file itself, and then reinsert the movie. This would enable the playbar to pause both the sound and the movie.

If you don't already have a video editing tool, you could use a free tool such as Windows Live Movie Maker to add the audio to your movie - in fact you might already even have this on your computer (click your Windows Start button and in the search field, type "movie maker"). The only thing is, I don't believe that tool will publish to MP4... but you could save it as a WMV, then convert it to FLV using Articulate Video Encoder. Or use a different tool, like Format Factory (which is free) to convert the WMV to MP4 or FLV.