Quizmaker Survey allows learner to skip question

May 27, 2015


I've created a Quizmaker survey and inserted it into a PPT. I don't want the learner to skip questions in the survey. I have it set to Submit All. I have done several things to ensure the learner has to answer the question but I'd like it to not allow the learner to go to the next survey question without answering the current one.

1.  In Quizmaker, I have the properties set to Allow user to leave quiz only after completing the quiz.

2. On the individual question I have the display set to Require: User must answer.

3. On the Quiz Properties, in question defaults, I have unchecked "Allow user to skip survey questions."

4. On the Slide Properties in Presenter I have locked the Navigation for that slide.

Am I missing something else to check or uncheck or whatever? Currently, if the learner skips the survey question and at the end Submits Answers, the survey just goes back to the beginning so that the learner can fill in answers that were skipped but there's no dialogue box that displays telling them why they couldn't submit an incomplete survey.

Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!

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Carla Kelley-Gonzales

Hi Leslie,

No, they do see that. What my supervisor would like is when they land on a page and click NEXT without answering, that a message would display indicating they need to respond before moving to the next question or that if a response wasn't entered that when the NEXT button was clicked, the page would not advance.

In testing the quiz, she was able to click NEXT when landing on each page without answering when she got to the last page, the quiz displayed the first page again because she didn't respond to the question so in her words, she was in one big loop without any sort of direction.

Only thing I came up with was to add a blank slide at the beginning with instructions like: 1. respond to every question before proceeding to the next question 2. You will have the opportunity to review/revise your responses at the end by selecting "Return to Quiz" or Submit Answers if no revision is necessary 3. Click FINISH when completed to get credit for doing the exercise.  

Hope that helps clarify what she's requesting. Is something like that possible?

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