Quizzes no longer working - ppt97-2003 -> pptx2007

May 19, 2011

I have been updating some older work built with PPT 2003. When I open and save the ppt file as a pptx - 2007 file the Quizzes no longer work in the published output. I just get the spinning loader screen. The quizzes work fine however when I preview them. Engage interactions are all working ok in the published output.

I have removed and then reconnected the quizzes, thrown out the ppta file so that it re-created afresh with no luck so far. If I stick with the ppt2003 format when saving everything stays intact with the quizzes working.

I'd like to move the ppt file to a 2007 version but I'm not sure what to try next. Any ideas welcomed.



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Rob Wright

It looks to have been an issue with file/path names. All working now - ppt2007 file type, quizzes and engage files all working.

The name used for the ppt file as well as some of the folder names in the directory path were getting overly long and one used a '&' character. The directory was a few levels deep as well.

I saved the ppt with a shorter name and republished and it is now all working. This doesn't really shed any light on why the engage interactions were always working and the QM files were the only ones affected but I won't be chasing this any more at the moment.

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