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Jun 17, 2011

Is it possible to remove the hover functionality from QM questions? My client wants to call attention to the buttons using orange, but as you can see in the image below, the hover is larger than the text box. I would simply like to get rid of it, but haven't seen this as an option.  I'd be happy if the hover just matched the size of the text box. Any help would be appreciated.


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Ron Price


We often change the color of the hover to white so that it simulates highlighting the choice and does seem to be as obnoxious as some other colors.

If you are in slide view choose the Design Menu and then select Colors.  Choose "create new theme colors".

The color of the hover is the 1st accent Color.  Change that one to white and you get more of a highlight effect 

Atalia M

Lesley Cashman-Peck said:

I ran into this same issue and found that the hover color can be controlled in the object's states. Edit the hover state so that the "shape fill" does not have a fill color. This took care of the mismatching hover color.

In "drawing tools" I stated the objects as a shape with "no fill", but nothing changed. The hover still has color.

Please advise.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Olga for sharing your .quiz file here with us. Can you tell us more about how you changed the formatting for your quiz questions and moved them around? I suspect that's where the issue with the hover came into play as I don't see anything particular set up in your slide masters to force the answers to appear as such. Have you also confirmed to be working on local project files as described here? 

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