resizing Multiple choice check boxes


First time user needing a little help.

I've created a multiple choice graded question with 4 choices.  I've been trying to figure out how to change the style (or at least the size) of the check box.  right now, they are tiny and I would like to make them larger.  I see that this can be done in storyline but I have the presenter version.

To clarify, I'm not trying to change the size of the text box associated with each answer.  I'm trying to change the box that the user would check to select an answer.  Any help?  Thanks. 

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Nelson Diaz

If you're using QM13, there is a way to make the size of radio buttons, check boxes, submit button, etc. appear larger on the screen by first reducing the quiz slide size, and then resizing the player to fill the screen (see example attached).  To do this, reduce the size of your quiz to about 50% of its original size (slide view mode -> design tab -> quiz size setup). Change the player's browser settings
(player -> other -> browser settings) to "resize browser to fill screen" and "scale player to fill browser window".