Retry Quiz button not working


I have a new version of an existing quiz - rather than recreate the wheel, I chose to import in the questions as well as the results slides. ( we want to archive the original quiz - tried just updating the old quiz but I didn't have a "Save as" option) For some reason, the Retry Quiz button isn't working on the new version but, I compared the properties on the Fail result page on the old version and they appear to be the same. When I click Retry Quiz, rather than taking me back to the beginning of the quiz a new fail result page comes up indicating I got a "0" as my new score. Not sure what I am missing.

Any suggestions? Any help is appreciated!

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Carla Kelley-Gonzales

Hi Leslie,

I've attached it here. I didn't know if I needed to send an Articulate package? I tried to do a "send"  with the quiz open and got error messages - user error of course. please send instructions if need to send differently.

I appreciate your help!

Leslie McKerchie

I'm not seeing any strange behavior in your quiz alone, so perhaps I do need to take a look at the Articulate Package to understand what may be going on. Since you posted in the Quizmaker forum, I did not assume it was a part of Presenter originally :)