"Save to database" no longer works with Quizmaker 09 and IE11

Apr 02, 2015

A couple of years ago I created a number of surveys using Quizmaker 09 which saved the results to an MS SQL Server database using Asp.net files and javascript. The method I used was based on a solution which I found on the Articulate forum.

I have recently been asked to update one of these surveys. I have republished this updated survey from Quizmaker 09 (V3.3.1303.2214) and discovered that it no longer saves the results when I use IE11. I have discovered that switching on Compatibility mode for our website may solve this problem , but this is not feasible as we cannot alter all user profiles to force them to access our website in Compatibility mode.

The old surveys still work ,but I am unable to update them. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem?

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Suzan Allen

I think I have managed to find a solution to my problem by reading other discussions related to this topic. The knowledge base article - http://en-uk.articulate.com/support/quizmaker-09/finish-button-doesnt-close-the-browser-window-qm09 suggested opening the survey in a new browser window. I found that if I used a hyperlink to do this and altered the survey so that it did not display the results slide it saved the results successfully. However I had to put the survey in a new folder - overwriting the old one did not work. I also had to run the IE updater to fix the javascript. I have yet to test it with different user profiles ( I am aware that some users and PC profiles need to be updated to allow pop-ups to work), but I am satisfied that I have found a good solution.

I expect that I may have to go through this process again when a new version of IE is released.

We may consider upgrading to Quizmaker 13 in the future providing that we are convinced that this would not cause further problems.

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