Setting up random questions from a pool

Mar 11, 2015


We are using Studio 13 and I have a pool of 80+ questions.  I only need to serve up 21 random questions from that pool.

I can see the 'randomize' option but how can only serve up 21 from that bank of 80+?

I used to know how to do this but I'm way out of practice now!

Thanks for the help!


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Dave Newgass
Dave Neuweiler

Hello Dave ... in the questions list, click on the Question Group at the top of the list.  Then click the Randomize button. Just to the right of that, open the dropdown for "Include." You'll see a numbered list from which to choose.

If you don't select the question group first, "Include" only shows "All."


Thanks Dave!


@Emily....perfect resource!  Cheers :)





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