Simple quiz trigger but can't figure it out

Hi, all. I've created a short quiz of multiple-choice questions. On the standard Success slide, I want the user to have two options: Click the Print Results button (easily supplied by checking "Allow user to print results" in the Options for Results Slide Properties) or Exit the course. Simple enough.

However, if the student fails, instead of a Print Results button, I want a Retry button--taking the user back to Question 1--as well as an Exit button that allows the user to exit (and re-launch and try again later). This quiz will be loaded to an LMS.

The rub for me is that the Retry button is conditional; that is, it only appears on the Failure slide. I'm probably doing something wrong that's quite simple, but each time I tweak and publish it won't run properly.

Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi C D!

It sounds like you're almost there! Let's see if we can nail this down together.

On the results slide, you should have 2 layers: Success and Failure. Storyline will reveal those layers automatically, based on the learner's score.

You'll want to put the Retry button on the Failure layer only. Also, the Retry button should have 2 triggers associated with it:

  • Reset Results [results slide] when the user clicks the Retry button.
  • Jump to slide [first quiz slide] when the user clicks the Retry button.

Let me know if that helps!