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Brian Batt

Hi Sara,

Regarding the image you want to use - since PowerPoint and Quizmaker have different slide dimensions, your image will probably need resizing in order to make it fit nicely in Quizmaker. Another option though, if your quiz is part of a Presenter project, is to use your PowerPoint slide master behind your quiz, and then just make your quiz player transparent. Here's a tutorial that shows how to do that:


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sara! If the shapes in your PowerPoint file are not grouped, you should be able to copy/paste the individual objects from PowerPoint to Quizmaker by using Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste ... I just did this on a sample file and it worked, although as Brian mentioned, you might need to resize or rearrange things to make stuff look right on your Quizmaker slide. If you have trouble, feel free to attach the PPT slide in a reply post to this thread, and we can give it a try here.

Jeanette Brooks

Ah, good detective work! I do use 2010, but just retried the copy/paste in 2007 and you're right, the items paste in as images! Looks like you might need to paste the items in one at a time in order to be able to resize them separately. Another option would be to create a bogus PPT slide, and resize/rearrange things to fit within a space of 9.53 inches wide and 5.89 inches high. Those are the same dimensions as Quizmaker (in pixels, the Quizmaker slide stage is 686 pixels wide x 424 pixels high). Then you could select all and paste into Quizmaker and things should fit.