Snakes and Ladders

Apr 20, 2011

Hi, I am looking to create a snakes and ladders game where the user is asked different questions depending on the roll of a dice.

Has anybody done anything like this before, or offer any guidance on how best to tackle this?

Any help would be appreciated ;0)


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Poornima Ramachandran

Hi Hitz,

Yes, we (Sayuj Ravindran & myself) had tried the Snake & Ladder in Quiz maker, though not with the dice.

But the game was very complex to make, as each question can branch into two possibilities. And then, each of these two possibilities had their own set of possibilities. So we decided to stick to five questions. (We already had smoke all over our brains with just 5!)

I have attached the quiz maker file. It's almost like a template, so it's ready to use.

Good luck!