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Mar 22, 2012

I work for a online college and we are trying to find more new ways of doing things with quizmaker and I am trying to figure some things that we want to do are possible

  •  At the moment scoring in Quizmaker starts at zero and when you get questions right, it adds up.What would be handy for some situations is having a score set initially at 100, or 50. And you can apply negative marking for questions that students have got wrong. So it starts at 100, and that if students get a question wrong, they lose -20 marks, for example.
  • One thing we’ve been hoping for for a while is greater flexibility in scoring multiple choice multiple answer questions, i.e. the ability to give students some marks for identifying some of the correct options, rather than scoring them as zero.
  • To put good traits into one box and bad traits into another? I changed it to a multiple response question at the time. Sorting would be very useful for a lot of our content.

Thanks for taking a look at this for me and offering me some advice.

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